Fees - Building Department

Below are the permit fees and service charges for the Building Department as of October 1, 2011.

The permit fee schedule for the Building Department shall be as follows:    
2007 MN Dept of Labor & Industry data with lesser amended fees:    
1st and 2nd floor $75.00 per sq. ft.
Crawl space $15.00 per sq. ft.
Deck $12.00 per sq. ft.
Finished basement $40.00 per sq. ft.
Garage/Attached or Detached $28.00 per sq. ft.
Porch $20.00 per sq. ft.
Unfinished basement $25.00 per sq. ft.
(PLEASE NOTE:  The Plan Review Fee for residential property is 65% of the Building Permit fee.)    
(Please see Planning & Zoning - Planning & Zoning Comm. deposit)    
(PLEASE NOTE:  The Plan Review Fee for commercial property is 65% of the Building Permit fee)    
Building Permits (additional)    
**NOTE - State surcharge will be charged in addition to most permit fees    
Air Conditioning - Commercial based on valuation
Air Conditioning - Residential $60.00  
Air to Air Exchanger $60.00  
Existing residential valuation    
Garage Addition $28.00 per sq. ft/valuation
Deck $12.00 per sq. ft/valuation
Remodel $10.00 per sq. ft/valuation
Basement Finish $10.00 per sq. ft/valuation
Addition $75.00 per sq. ft/valuation
Building demolition $75.00  
     PLUS an escrow equal to 150% of the estimate provided    
     by contractor to complete the project, including clean-up    
Electrical (Residential)     
  New Home or Associated Structure    
  Single family dwelling up to 400 Amp Service and up to 30 circuits $135.00 for ( up to 2 roughins and 1 final inspec.)
  Single family dwelling 401-800 Amp Service and up to 30 circuits $160.00 for (up to 2 roughins and 1 final inspec.)
  In addition any circuits above 30  will be charged at            $6.00 each
  Any additional inspection trips to above at                          $35.00 each
  New Multi-Family Dwelling:    
  Each Multi-Family Dwelling with up to 20 circuits              $70.00 each (for 1 roughin and 1 final inspec.)
  Any additional circuits above 20 will be charged at             $6.00 each
  0 to 400 Amp Service/Power Supply                                    $35.00 each
  401-800 Amp Service/Power Supply                                     $60.00 each
  Over 800 Amp Service/Power Supply                                   $100.00 each
  Additional circuits for house wiring at                                  $6.00 each
  Any Additional inspection trips to above at                           $35.00 each
  Exisiting Home/Structure Remodel or Addition    
  New service up to 400 Amp $35.00  
  New service 401 – 800 Amp $60.00  
  New/extended circuits up to 200 amps first 15 at                  $6.00 each
  16 – 30 circuits $100.00  
  more than 30 circuits $6.00 each
  Reconnected circuits $2.00 each
  Detached Garage or Other Associated Structure    
  New service up to 400 AMPS $35.00  
  New circuits $6.00  
Electrical (Commercial)    
  0 to 400 Amp Service/ Power Source $35.00 each
  401 to 800 Amp Service/Power Source $60.00 each
  Over 800 Amp Service/ Power Source $100.00 each
  0 to 200 Amp Circuit or Feeder $6.00 each
  Over 200 Amp Circuit or Feeder $15.00 each
  Reconnect Circuit or Feeder $2.00 each
  Separate Bonding Inspection $35.00 each
  0 to 400 Amp Service/ Power Source over 600V $70.00 each
  401 to 800 Amp Service/ Power Source over 600V $120.00 each
  Over 800 Amp Service/ Power Source over 600V $200.00 each
  0 to 200 Amp Circuit/feeder over 600V $12.00 each
  Over 200 Amp Circuit/feeder over 600V $30.00 each
  Reconnect Circuit/feeder over 600V $4.00 each
  Manufactured Home Park Lot Supply $35.00 each
  Recreational Vehicle Site Circuits $6.00 each
Additional charges    
  Street, parking and outdoor lighting standards $5.00 each
  Transformers for light, heat and power (0-10KVA) $15.00 each
  Transformers for light, heat and power (over 10KVA) $30.00 each
  Power supplies for signs & outdoor lighting $5.00 each
  Technology system devices under 50 volts $0.75 each
  Center Pivot Irrigation Booms                                               $35.00 each
  Center Pivot Irrigation Drive Units                                        $5.00 each
   Luminaire Retrofit or Modification                                        $0.25 each
  Inspection of Concrete Encased Electrode                             $35.00 each
  Inspection Hourly Rate                                                           $80.00 each
  Inspection Mileage Rate per mile                                             $0.50 each
  Minimum Inspection Fees $35.00 each
  Supplemental Inspection Fee                                                 $35.00 each
  Re-inspection Fee                                                                    $35.00 each
  Investigation Fee (minimum of $70, or equal to the total inspection fee, whichever is greater, not to exceed $1000)                
  Total Inspection Fees will be either the calculated  items above, or $35 multiplied by the number of required inspection trips, whichever is greater  
Fireplace $60.00  
Fuel Tank Installation $100.00  
Fuel Tank Removal $50.00  
Heating - Commercial based on valuation
Heating - Residential $60.00  
Plumbing - Commercial based on valuation
Plumbing - Residential minimum fee $60.00  
Plumbing:  rate per opening $10.00  
Pool - above ground $60.00  
Pool - in-ground $125.00  
Roofing $60.00  
Septic Tank Installation $100.00  
Septic Tank Removal $50.00  
Sewer system - Commercial  $200.00  
   (All, including Performance and Other)    
Sewer system - Residential $150.00  
   (Includes: trenches, beds, chambered,    
    mounds or at-grades)    
   (for Performance or Other only)    
Siding $60.00  
Water Softener $15.00  
Windows (with structural or mechanism changes) $60.00  
Contractor's Licenses & Permits    
Contractor's License $50.00  
   (required for: general, heating, ventilating, air conditioning,    
   cement & masonry, roofing, plater, lath stucco, blacktopping    
   moving & wrecking, signs & billboards)    
Verification of State License $5.00  
Escrows & Filing Fees    
Accessory Bldg. Driveway Escrow $2,250.00  
Accessory Bldg. Driveway Agreement filing fee $46.00  
Driveway Escrow - (24' X 43') $2,250.00  
   (Additional escrow for concrete curb and gutter removal) $900.00  
Turf Escrow $2,000.00  
(Note:  Escrows for completion of Building Permits are equal to 150%    
of estimate provided by contractor to complete the items.)    
Other Misc. Permits    
Fence Permits $25.00  
Moving-in of buildings:    
   pre-inspection fee $75.00 hourly
   garage (minimum) $300.00  
   house (minimum) $500.00  
Sign Permits $1.00 per square foot
   (required for signs over 32 sq. ft).    
Sign - Temporary Permit $15.00  
    (only for 30 days, maximum 3 annually)    
Temporary Commercial Structure/Tent Permit $60.00  
   (For up to six weeks in a calendar year.  May be divided into up to 3 separate usages, each of which must be separated by at least 30 days)  
Special Inspections    
Fire Suppression Inspection $100.00  
Hourly Inspection fee $75.00  
Re-inspection fee $75.00  
Sewer System (Performance only) - Annual renewal $10.00