Charter Commission

The Charter Commission’s statutorily prescribed duty is to study the local charter and government.  The Charter Commission is like a standing constitutional convention.  It has the power to propose charter changes at any time.  If the City’s Charter does not work or proves to be faulty in operation, it is the Commission’s duty to propose improvements.  The first Charter Commission appointments were made in March, 1982.

The Charter Commission is required by law to meet at least once each calendar year.  In addition, the Charter Commission must meet upon presentation of a petition or by resolution of a majority of the City Council.  The Charter Commission has scheduled its yearly meeting for the fourth Wednesday of March in any given year.

You can watch it LIVE on Cable Channel 16 or played back every day the week of the meeting immediately following other regular broadcast meetings or if there is none, at 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Qualifications for Appointment
The district court (Chief Judge of the 10th Judicial District) makes Charter Commission appointments.  The only requirement is that an applicant be a qualified voter of the city.  Commission members may hold some other public office (except for a judicial office).  The Ham Lake City Charter states the composition of the Charter Commission shall contain no more than two incumbent members of the Ham Lake City Council, including the Mayor.

Any qualified voter, petitioners, a city council, or the charter commission may suggest names of eligible nominees to the district court for consideration.  The court will listen to information from interested citizens concerning appointments.

Term Length
4 years (unlimited number of terms)

Number of Members
7 members

Current Charter Commissioners
Al Stauffacher – Chair
Gary Kirkeide
Dwight McCullough
Bill Vokovan
Michael Kopp
William Vossberg
Brenda Reiner - Vice Chair