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6-300 Snowmobiles 6-310 Registration The registration of snowmobiles is governed by M.S.A. 84.88 and amendments thereto. 6-320 Operation The provisions of M.S.A. 84.81 through 84.88 as they relate to the operation of snowmobiles are adopted to govern the operators of snowmobiles within the City of Ham Lake. 6-330 Other Prohibited Conduct No person shall: (1) Operate a snowmobile within 100 feet of any skating rink, sliding area or fish house, except that a snowmobile may be operated to a fish house which is being used by the operator if same is operated with due care and consideration to all others. (2) Operate any snowmobile upon private property without the prior permission of the owner or occupant. (3) Tow on City roadways, any sled or other object without a rigid tow bar attached between the snowmobile and the sled or object being towed. (4) Intentionally drive, chase, run over, injure or kill any animal while operating a snowmobile. (5) Operate a snowmobile on any public property, including but not limited to, school grounds, parks, playgrounds and recreation areas, except when authorized by a resolution of the City Council. (6) No snowmobile shall be operated on any municipal street, except in the following manner. a) Operation shall be restricted to the far right edge of the traveled portion of the roadway, in the same direction as the normal direction of traffic. b) No snowmobile shall be driven at a speed in excess of 15 miles per hour. c) Travel in ditches, side slopes, back slopes and boulevard areas is prohibited. (7) No snowmobile shall be operated in a careless or reckless manner likely to endanger persons or property, or in a manner so as to create loud, unnecessary or unusual noise which disturbs the quiet enjoyment of others; 6-340 Operator Responsibility The operator of every snowmobile operated in the City of Ham Lake shall be responsible to insure that the snowmobile is operated in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance. (1) First Violation If a snowmobile is observed being operated in violation of this Code, and the operator is identified by witnesses or through investigation of the Minnesota Registration Number of the snowmobile in question, the operator may be cited for a petty misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $300. (2) Second Violation If a second violation by the same operator within any given twelve- month period occurs, the violation shall constitute a misdemeanor as that term is defined by Minnesota Statutes.

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