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ISO Rating - Fire Department

Ham Lake’s ISO Rating

Ham Lake’s current ISO rating is a 7 (seven) for the majority of the city. The exception is the extreme SE portion of the city which has an ISO classification of 10. For additional information please read the information below.

What does your ISO rating mean for your insurance?

Many insurance companies use fire insurance classification numbers from Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) to help determine the rates they charge policy holders for property insurance. An ISO rating is only one factor insurance companies use in determining rates, and the effect of the ISO rating varies from company to company. To determine fire insurance classification, ISO evaluates several factors, including: call reporting (911) and dispatching capabilities, firefighting equipment available, and water supply. Cities undergo a complete analysis periodically (roughly every 10 years) and submit updated information to ISO annually, or as needed.

The City of Ham Lake underwent a complete review by ISO in 2012, and the fire protection class rating remained “Class 7/10”, effective January, 2013. The split rating means that any property located within five road miles of a Ham Lake fire station would be given an ISO rating of 7. Property further than five road miles from a station would receive a rating of 10.

Only a very small portion of the city is further than five miles from a fire station. The city has purchased land for a proposed third fire station that, when built, would place virtually all property in the city within three miles of a fire station.

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