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Animal Licensing/Control

The City requires the licensing or permitting of certain animals. 


No residence may keep more than four dogs unless a Multiple Dog License is obtained.  Also, there are rules regarding the keeping of dogs on a leash, barking, etc. You can read the complete ordinance regarding rules for dogs here: City Code - Article 5   (Article 5-100)

Multiple Dog License

Any residence keeping more than four dogs must obtain a Multiple Dog License.  You can read the complete ordinance governing the application process and conditions for issuance here: City Code - Article 5  (Article 5-150)

Public Kennel License

A “Public Dog Kennel” means a kennel where dogs owned by others are boarded for a fee.  You can read the complete ordinance governing the application process and conditions for issuance here:  City Code - Article 5  (Article 5-160)

Horses, Donkeys or Mules

No person, firm, or corporation will keep, stable or maintain horses, donkeys or mules within the City on land other than lands classified as R-A without first obtaining a permit from the City.  You can read the complete ordinance governing the application process and conditions for issuance here:  City Code - Article 5  (Article 5-200)

Animal Permits

Domesticated pets mean dogs, cats, tropical fish, goldfish, parrots, parakeets, gerbils, hamsters, and rabbits.  Except domesticated pets, and as permitted under Chapter 5-200, no raising, breeding, keeping or occupancy of livestock, poultry or other animals shall be permitted on any lands other than those zoned R-A Rural Single Family Residential.  In land zoned R-A such activities may be permitted on parcels in excess of five contiguous acres, provided the occupant has obtained an Animal Permit.  Animal Permits shall be issued by the Zoning Officer upon approval by the City Council, which may impose such conditions on this issuance of such permits as the Council may deem appropriate.  You may read the complete information regarding Animal Permits here:  City Code - Article 5  (Article 5-300) (See also below for certain exceptions.)

Exception for White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer, as that species is commonly known, shall be allowed in areas zoned other than R-A by Temporary Conditional Use Permit, but only under controlled circumstances.  You may read the complete information here:  City Code - Article 5  (Article 5-310)

Exception for Certain Reptiles

Non-venomous snakes or lizards may be considered to be Domesticated Pets and kept by their owners in all of the zoning districts of the City under certain conditions.  You may read more here:  City Code - Article 5  (Article 5-320)

Raising Chickens

The keeping or raising of Chickens in areas zoned R-1 or RS-1 shall be allowed in conformance with provisions in the City Code.  You may read  about the rules governing the conditions here:  City Code-Article 5 (Article 5-330) Ordinance 16-04

Keeping of Certain Pigeons

The raising of Pigeons shall be allowed by Temporary Conditional Use Permit (TCUP) issued in conformance with provisions of the City Code.  You may read about the rules governing the application and conditions for issuance here:  Ordinance 11-08

Animal Control


The Coon Rapids Human Society is Re-Opening!

The Quarantine at the Coon Rapids location has been lifted. Now that we have received the go-ahead, we will be able to return to normal impound work at Coon Rapids on Monday, May 15th. Thank you all for your patience, support, and cooperation as we have worked through this quarantine. I’m happy to share we have a healthy animal population, and you will see all of our normal services restarted over the next week.

A resident who has a stray dog contained can call 763-427-1212 (the non-emergency number to the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office) to have the dog picked up and taken to the Coon Rapids Animal Humane Society. 

If your dog is missing, please contact the Animal Humane Society in Coon Rapids at 952-435-7738 or visit their website at

Animal Humane Society
1411 Main Street NW 
Coon Rapids, MN


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