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Fees - Building Department

Below are the permit fees and service charges for the Building Department as of November 2012.


The permit fee schedule for the Building Department shall be as follows:  

2007 MN Dept of Labor & Industry data with lesser amended fees:  


1st and 2nd floor $75.00 per sq. ft.

Crawl space $15.00 per sq. ft.

Deck $12.00 per sq. ft.

Finished basement $40.00 per sq. ft.

Garage/Attached or Detached $28.00 per sq. ft.

Porch $20.00 per sq. ft.

Unfinished basement $25.00 per sq. ft.

(PLEASE NOTE:  The Plan Review Fee for residential property is 65% of the Building Permit fee.)  



(Please see Planning & Zoning - Planning & Zoning Comm. deposit)  

(PLEASE NOTE:  The Plan Review Fee for commercial property is 65% of the Building Permit fee)  


Building Permits (additional)  

**NOTE - State surcharge will be charged in addition to most permit fees  

Air Conditioning - Commercial based on valuation

Air Conditioning - Residential $60.00 

Air to Air Exchanger $60.00 

Existing residential valuation  

Garage Addition $28.00per sq. ft/valuation

Deck $12.00 per sq. ft/valuation

Remodel $10.00 per sq. ft/valuation

Basement Finish $10.00 per sq. ft/valuation

Addition $75.00per sq. ft/valuation

Building demolition $75.00 

     PLUS an escrow equal to 150% of the estimate provided by contractor to complete the project, including clean-up  

Fireplace $60.00 

Fuel Tank Installation $100.00 

Fuel Tank Removal $50.00 

Heating - Commercial based on valuation

Heating - Residential $60.00 

Plumbing - Commercial based on valuation

Plumbing - Residential minimum fee $60.00 

Plumbing:  rate per opening $10.00 

Pool - above ground $60.00 

Pool - in-ground $125.00 

Roofing $60.00 

Septic Tank Installation $100.00 

Septic Tank Removal $50.00 

Sewer system - Commercial $200.00 

   (All, including Performance and Other)  

Sewer system - Residential $150.00 

   (Includes: trenches, beds, chambered, mounds or at-grades)  

   (for Performance or Other only)  

Siding $60.00 

Water Softener $15.00 

Windows (with structural or mechanism changes) $60.00 


Contractor's Licenses & Permits  

Contractor's License $50.00 

(required for: general, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, cement & masonry, roofing, plater, lath stucco, blacktopping moving & wrecking, signs & billboards)  

Verification of State License $5.00 


Escrows & Filing Fees  

Accessory Bldg. Driveway Escrow $2,250.00 

Accessory Bldg. Driveway Agreement filing fee $46.00 

Driveway Escrow - (24' X 43') $2,600.00 

   (Additional escrow for concrete curb and gutter removal) $900.00 

Turf Escrow $2,500.00 

(Note:  Escrows for completion of Building Permits are equal to 150% of estimate provided by contractor to complete the items.)  


Other Misc. Permits  

Commercial Fence Permits $25.00 

Moving-in of buildings:  

   pre-inspection fee $75.00 hourly

   garage (minimum) $300.00 

   house (minimum) $500.00 


Sign Permits $1.00 per square foot (required for signs over 32 sq. ft)  

Sign - Temporary Permit$15.00 

    (only for 30 days, maximum 3 annually)  

Temporary Commercial Structure/Tent Permit $60.00 

   (For up to six weeks in a calendar year.  May be divided into up to 3 separate usages, each of which must be separated by at least 30 days) 


Special Inspections  

Fire Suppression Inspection $100.00 

Hourly Inspection fee $75.00 

Re-inspection fee $75.00 

Sewer System (Performance only) - Annual renewal $10.00 

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