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Building/Inspections Department

The Building Department is responsible for the application and enforcement of the building code and related ordinances regulating construction and alterations, and assuring that all construction meets all phases of code compliance. The Building Department also verifies that all contractors applying for permits are licensed.

The Building Department carries out these responsibilities through:

  • Reviewing and processing all building permit applications
  • Verifying all state contractors' licenses or issuing city licenses for HVAC, commercial builders, and fire suppression
  • Performing on-site inspections of residential and commercial construction, ensuring that all construction activity is in compliance with state, city, and fire codes. These codes cover not only the structural aspect of construction, but also the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and septic codes.

The City of Ham Lake has adopted the Minnesota 2020 Building Code as the City's building code. You can search the building code by going to the State of Minnesota Website.

Building Department Fee Schedule.

Online Permits

We now have an application and payment portal for some (not all) permits.

If your project or construction type is not found in the dropdown choices while using the Online portal, the Online portal is not available to use for that project or construction type. You will need to submit a PDF application via email or paper application in person. Please scroll down to find and use the correct application found in the permit applications (to download or print) section below.

Building permit applications for new construction, additions, remodeling projects and any commercial septic systems cannot be submitted using this portal.

If you have any questions, please call the building department at 763-235-1691

Online Permit Portal

Permit application process for applications not using the online permit portal:

Step 1:  Complete and submit your application with any required documents such as your site plan and building plans. You may email it to

  • The applications below are fillable PDF forms.
  • The applications below may be submitted via email, mailed or dropped off in person at City Hall.
  • Applicants who do not have a State of Minnesota Contractor's License or Bond must complete a City Contractor's License application and include a certificate of insurance listing the City of Ham Lake as the certificate holder. License fee is $50.00.

If you have code construction questions, please contact the Building Official. If you have zoning questions, please contact the Building and Zoning Clerk. If you have other questions, please contact the Building Permit Technician. Contact information can be found in the column to the right.

Step 2:  Your application will be reviewed and we will call or email you upon approval regarding payment for the permit.

  • We accept, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, cash or checks.
  • Issued permits will be emailed to you unless otherwise indicated.

Step 3:  Proceed with your project and schedule inspections.

City Hall

15544 Central Avenue NE Ham Lake, MN 55304

(763) 434-9555

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